VirtualEcho: A learner’s story.

Hey everybody! We’re starting a series of posts in which you share your stories about learning echo. What was hard? What were the obstacles and how did you overcome them? Hopefully, sharing our combined experiences will make learning easier for others.

Our first guest is Dr. Boros András Mihály, and this is his story:

“I have just started to learn echocardiography. As a complete beginner, I had no idea where to start. Of course, I joined the experts at our clinic during the examinations but without a clue what to see and where to see it was rather challenging.

I googled “echocardiography for beginners” and I found the website that showed me point-by-point what exactly I have to do. This was the “Best Echocardiography Resources For Beginners” by VirtualEcho.

I found it really really useful. First, I went through the “” to know the background of the measurements and the basic views, then I tried the trial version of VirtualEcho and the “” to make some measurements. Both resources helped me to get an overview of the different echocardiographic views. As I went further into practice, I was able to image those views in reality that I learnt virtually at home.

In the next step, I wanted to widen my knowledge, that’s why I joined the masterclass of ““. Actually, I also heard about them thanks to VirtualEcho. In the masterclass, we have been learning special views and methods that – I think – should be practiced somehow before we go to real patients. And that’s why I purchased the Pro version of VirtualEcho, because it has so many features that are worth to try. I was also amazed by the excellent customer service of the team so I sincerely recommend all the beginners to try VirtualEcho.”

Andras Boros, M.D.

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