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  1. LoadLibrary failed with error 1114; a dynamic link library (DLL) inititation routine failed.

    I want to purchase this product only if i m able to install and run this program.

    • Ok, after a lot of digging around, this problem seems to be related to the Graphics card driver. Changing the power settings as demonstrated in this video seems to fix the problem in most cases.

      If not, you can try updating your graphics card driver by right clicking your “Computer” icon on the desktop or start menu, choosing manage, and then on the left hand panel selecting “Device manager”. Once it loads your devices, select the graphics card under “Display adapters”, right click it and choose “Update driver software”. Choose the option to search automatically, and make sure you’re connected to the internet. Your computer will automatically locate, download, and install the latest driver for your graphics card.

  2. Hello,

    I have one question about simulator position. Can we have the option to adjust how the simulator lie? Specifically, what I have been taught and practiced was left lateral decubitus. That would make probe position and the movement will be so different from Virtual Echo.

    If we can have the simulator’s position adjustment, my friends and I will sure get Pro version as soon as possible.


    • Do you mean the torso position? I’m sure we can add the ability to change the torso position to left decubitus, although I think it would be pretty hard to move the probe then, because you move it by running your mouse over the area you want, and you wouldn’t be able to see the front of the torso if it were in left decubitus position.

      In the pro version, you can look at the torso from any angle (check the screenshots and videos page). Would that solve the issue for you?

      • Yes, that was what I meant. I agree it would be even harder to control the probe when putting the torso position to left lateral decubitus. But I am still a student and I have been trained with that torso position, having the option will sure help me much better in terms of not messing up with what I am learning from my professor.

        If your team can add the ability to change the torso position, it will also change the heart location compared to that of supine position. Right?

        Lastly, I know that in Pro version, I can have different point of view of the torso. Therefore, I think having the torso in left lateral decubitus position will not make it too difficult for me then.

        • Well, actually, even in a real patient, turning the patient onto his left side doesn’t change the position of the heart much. It only falls towards the chest wall a centimeter or so, making the echocardiography view clearer because there’s less air in the way, but it doesn’t really change the orientation of the view. In lots of cases we perform echocardiographic examinations for patients who can’t turn to their side, and the probe placement is exactly the same when lying on the back.

          In VirtualEcho, you won’t have the air problem because it’s a simulator, so turning the torso to the side would be rather pointless. It would be the same as rotating the view in the pro version.

          • I agree.

            Still, there’s one last thing. An option that enable user to customize how sensitive of probe movement like tilting and rotation would be nice. Do you think so?

          • Done. Probe motion speed can now be adjusted using the U (speed Up) and D (speed Down) keys. Applies to both the trial and Pro versions. Thanks for the feedback.

            If you’re enjoying VirtualEcho, please spread the word!

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