Common issues:

My antivirus/anti-malware flags the software as malware and I can install it.

  • Some (few) antiviruses misidentify VirtualEcho Pro as malware. All you have to do is add an exception for VirtualEcho, or temporarily turn off you antivirus during installation.

The VirtualEcho installation quits unexpectedly.

  • This means you need to update Java to the latest version.

I get an “invalid license key” error.

  • Make sure you copy the entire license key without any extra spaces.

The installation shuts down unexpectedly after I enter my license key.

  • This happens on some Windows machines and can be solved by right clicking VirtualEcho Pro and selecting “run as administrator”, just for the first time, to allow VirtualEcho Pro to write its license file to disk.

If you have any issues that are not listed, please email or and someone will assist you promptly.